The Macraman Story

Not sure what the number seven resembles to you, but to me… It has been my identity!     

The limelight was never my agenda, it came with the territory of the path that I ran down. The life of the conformed never appealed to me. I was driven by my passion for football although never knew the game would have such a disabling effect on my creativity. My day to day life as a footballer was dictated by a weekly sheet of paper where i was told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Before I knew, my creativity was quickly removed and seven became just a number on my back, it no longer symbolises who I am today.

Macrame challenges my patience, brings me stillness and gets my creative juices flowing. I now find myself craving this particular stillness and seclusion, where I’m allowed to just be me … Away from the scrutiny and the judgment of the football field. I am no longer confined to a day to day regime constructed by someone other than myself anymore. Freedom of choice became an option, and is now my priority. 

One particular “crafternoon” began at my villa with an Airbnb guest and now wonderful friend of mine. Katelyn revealed her favourite craft that afternoon which fascinated me. Her craft was macrame. I spent hours that afternoon watching Katelyn weave until her skill intrigued me enough to want to ‘give it a go’ myself. That day I was introduced to a craft that awakened the lack of intensity my hands weren’t use to. They were so use to being wrapped around leather to initiate movement with a purpose. Now my hands have been introduced to a free flowing movement that allows me a freedom without purpose to design something influenced by none. My dear friend left Bali, her craft stayed. The following week I went and sat with an old Indonesian Ibu every day for 6 weeks knotting, understanding the craft and learning further about the art of macrame. This inspired me to rescript and share a small slice of my journey for all of you to discover your own path, no matter how late in the game you may feel. 12 months later, The Macraman was formed!
Why should you have a part of my story and a handcrafted Macraman design of your own? I’m not trying to push my values on to you or conform you in any way, what I am trying to do is allow you to remind yourself of the opportunities we all face through freedom of choice. Break the mundane routine, challenge yourself to place the comfort back in to discomfort and #weaveyourownpath.
What does my seven mean to you now?