Pastel Pink

The Bangko Macrame Plant Hanger brings a modern, bohemian decor vibe to your home. Handwoven from organic cotton and plant base ombre dyed, The Bangko will make any space in your home come alive.

The Bangko was inspired after many trips to my favourite place on Lombok, Indonesia. Bangko Bangko hosts a reef which seems like it's been chiselled to perfection by a surfer. When the mythical left hand point break is on, there's nothing more spectacular for a surfer. Even to sit back, watch and admire if you’re not feeling it is exhilarating. Desert Point offers many opportunities to chase the ultimate thrill for a surfer, the barrel. All this perfection located in a remote and raw part of Indonesia makes Desert Point my favourite wave on the planet. The overall experience is what inspired me to design The BANGKO.